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Karl Lubieniecki's Yacht Journey

A wise lady once told me that the only plan is no plan......and so right she was.  

After obtaining my private pilots license in 2010 I soon realised that as much as light aircraft were fun, it was serious.  No stopping for a look around, no stopping for a snooze and definitely no stopping for a beer and a sandwich.  So I turned to boats, mainly Yachts.  After passing my day skipper course and ICC24 in 2011 myself and a friend purchased our first serious boat.  I say serious as I had actually had an old speed boat back in 2005, but it was old, slow and at the end of its life, however it gave me the taste for the ocean and the freedom that came from being on the sea with no plan, a tank of fuel, and a sense of direction.

In 2012 myself and my friend had been quite successful in the FX trading arena and because of this we decided that a 43ft Yacht would be on the list.  A short drive down to see Princess Yachts in Swanwick Marina, and a subsequent walk in and around the latest P43 Yacht made us realise that we actually wanted a P50 at 50ft.  This was not a negative to do with the P43, we just always wanted a bit more.  Eventually we were talked into a P64 and then fell in love with a new model, the P72.  After all we had the license capability so why not....

The P72 however was pushing the budget, and hard.  Not just the purchase costs, but the running costs, which anyone with a Yacht will know, can be vast!   Sadly, there was a major event involving the yacht salesman which meant that he was unable to work again.  We then dealt with his business partner who literally a few months later sadly passed away from a heart attack at a boat show.  To me this was a bad omen, so we parked the Yacht idea for the time being.  


A few months went by, the desire for a Yacht didn't pass, in-fact it only grew stronger.  I started to look around on the net and met a guy selling a yacht, a P64 not a P72 but it was a start.  Long story short this guy has a great business model, and we had use of a Yacht for a fraction of the cost of an outright purchase.  The best bit is that we only had to pay an 8th of the running costs as well as the purchase price so for us, this was a huge win win.


Since then, being the ever entrepreneur that I am, and still having a love for Yachts, Ive been involved with  The model is great, you pay an 8th of the Yacht price, you own it for as long as you like, you can buy it one day and sell it the next, its your yacht.  You use it for an average of 6 weeks per year, every year and you only pay an 8th of the mooring, the crew (if required), the insurance and the maintenance.  It makes a once unachievable desirable product obtainable to the masses.  More importantly, and the biggest positive to joint ownership is the ease of entry and exit.  MIY Yacht manage the process fully.  When you want to sell, upgrade or downsize they will arrange the whole deal, usually within a few days.  


Never has Yacht ownership been so easy.   

Karl Lubieniecki

Karl Lubieniecki Princess 65.JPG
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